"and this not of yourselves,  but it is the gift of God." Ephesians 2:8


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School uniforms are mandatory at Gospel of Grace Christian School. Students must enter school in uniform and according to dress code, and leave in uniform and in accordance to dress code. The uniforms must be purchased from Flynn & O’hara. All the following items for boys and girls are from Flynn & O’hara:


Boys’ attire—A white dress shirt will be worn with uniform necktie in October through April, along with a black sweater vest. No other jackets or sweaters may be worn in class. Boys may choose to wear a white polo shirt in August, September, May, and June. Khaki pants will be worn with black belt, black socks, and black uniform shoes. Shirts must be buttoned up and tucked in (when wearing polos the top button may be open). All clothing must fit properly and pants must be worn at the waistline.


Socks and shoes must be worn at all times. No necklaces are allowed on boys. Boys should have no extreme hairstyles or unnatural hair colors. Boys in grades K – 6 may wear uniform shorts during the months of August, September, May, and June. The shorts must be no more than three inches above the knee.


Girls’ attire—consists of a plaid jumper and white blouse for elementary grades. Skirts, white blouses, and black sweaters will be worn by girls in high school (grades 7-12). All jumpers and skirts must be at least knee-length. Girls will also wear black knee-socks and black uniform shoes. All clothing must fit properly (i.e. no tight, form- fitting clothing, or see-through clothing). All girls must wear spandex shorts under their jumpers and skirts, and a white undershirt. Girls may wear khaki pants: (white polos may be worn in August, September, and June.)


No student may dress in a manner that exposes parts of the body not normally seen, such as the midsection, cleavage, etc. Tops must be long enough to remain tucked in.


Girls should have no extreme hairstyles or unnatural hair colors. Uniform shoes must be worn at all times. No hats, scarves, or hair coverings of any kind are permitted in class.


Excessive jewelry is not permitted (one bracelet per arm, one ring per hand–no thumb rings). It is acceptable for girls to wear a single stud in each ear in the lobe only. Hoops or dangling earrings are not allowed. No other piercings are allowed, nor are tattoos permitted. Nail polish should not be a dark color. No bold, unnatural looking makeup is allowed (such as gothic, etc.)


Gym clothes and sports shoes may be worn at Physical Education, recess, or sports activities times. Specific uniforms may be required for basketball, baseball, or other sports. See the coach for details.


For safety, no jewelry is permitted during Physical Education or sports activities.



Dress Down


Each Friday students may pay $2 and dress down. If the student does not bring $2, he/she will be treated according to “Enforcement” below. When students dress down, the jewelry rules still apply, as well as the modesty portions of the dress code, such as no see-through clothing, no cleavage showing, no midsections showing, etc. Clothing may have manufacturers’ trademarks, but no other pictures or words, except for Christian tee- shirts/sweatshirts.





The dress code will be strictly enforced. When a student is found to be in violation of the dress code, the parents will receive a “Note Home” to be signed and returned to the school the following day. The student will serve detention. The third time the student is out of dress code, he/she will be sent home to change clothes, a “Note Home” will be issued, and detention will be served after school. Ten infractions will warrant suspension.





Personal hygiene is an important factor pertaining to every interactive group of people, as one person’s condition might affect many others. Any student with a contagious condition should be kept at home and the condition reported to the school administration (any such information will be kept confidential, if at all possible.)


If a faculty member discovers a contagious condition on a student (including lice), the student with such a condition will be sent home at the discretion of the administration. The school administration has the right to determine what is to be considered a contagious condition.


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