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Welcome to GGCS.  A PreK - 8th grade school serving the greater Philadelphia area.






The curriculum used at Gospel of Grace Christian School is Christian-based (i.e. all subjects are presented from a Biblical, Christian worldview). Christ is acknowledged in every subject since He is the Creator of all things. Even the laws of math and science were created by Him and glorify His name.


Abeka Book (of Pensacola Christian College, Pensacola, Florida) is the primary provider of our text books. We continue in our effort to provide the most effective curriculum and the highest standards possible with the help and guidance of the Lord.


Gospel of Grace teaches all State-mandated courses on both the high school and elementary levels. These courses are listed below:



At the ELEMENTARY LEVEL, the following courses are taught:

English (to include Spelling, Reading and Writing)




History of the United States and Pennsylvania


Safety Education (including regular and continuous instruction in the dangers and prevention of fires)

Health and Physiology

Physical Education




At the SECONDARY LEVEL, the following courses are offered:

English (to include Language, Literature, Speech and Composition)

Science (to include Biology and Chemistry)


Social Studies (to include Civics, Economics, World History, History of the United States and Pennsylvania)

a foreign language

Mathematics (to include General Mathematics and Statistics, Algebra and Geometry)



Physical Education

Health and Physiology

Safety Education (including regular and continuous instruction in the dangers and prevention of fires)


Students in Kindergarten through Grade 11 are tested annually. Elementary grades use the Iowa Tests of Basic Skills® and the Cognitive Abilities Test.     Students in high school use the Iowa Tests of Educational Development® (ITED®) high school achievement battery, and the Iowa Algebra Aptitude Test.





The following grade scale is used in grading all classwork and homework and will be used on report cards:

            A  =  90-100            Excellent

            B  =  80-89              Above Average

            C  =  70-79              Average

            D  =  60-69              Below Average

            F  =  0-59                  Failure



Honor Roll/Awards


Each marking period, students who attain a 3.5 GPA are awarded an Honor Roll certificate. Their names are posted at the main entrance of the school. At the end of each semester, an awards ceremony is held at a general assembly of the school. Students are honored with various awards, including Honor Roll, Perfect Attendance, Citizenship, Christian Testimony, etc.

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