"and this not of yourselves,  but it is the gift of God." Ephesians 2:8


Serving preschool to 8th grade families in the greater Philadelphia area.






Students who appreciate God’s great gift of salvation through Christ and who are allowing Christ to live in and through them each day will enjoy a wonderful transformation. The very life and character of Christ will shine forth in their lives and the fruit of the Spirit will be borne by His indwelling.


As a school, we do find it necessary to establish some very basic biblical guidelines for behavior. These are written to ensure the rights of those around us, as well as a safe and harmonious environment that is conducive to learning:


- Honor and respect all teachers & staff.

- Respect buildings, grounds, & equipment; (no chewing gum);

- Destroying/defacing property will warrant payment for damages &

   other disciplinary actions.

- Keep hands to yourself and speak positively about others.

- Avoid all physical contact; kissing, hugging, etc. on school property

  and at school events.

- Your assigned areas neat and clean.

- Dress modestly in accordance with policy.

- Complete all homework assigned.

- Arrive on time.

- Come to class fully prepared and equipped, but do not bring personal

  electronic devices or books/magazines that have not been approved.

- Occupy free time by working wisely.

- Raise your hand and wait to be called upon before speaking in class.

- Remain at school and in scheduled classes until dismissed.

- Respect the rights of others by conducting yourself in a quiet and

  orderly manner in all parts of the building and yard.


Gospel of Grace reserves the right to search lockers, desks, etc. We may also search school bags, pocket books, etc. if there is reasonable cause.


NOTICE: Surveillance Cameras with audio (visible and hidden) are in use on premises along with recording devices. These recordings are available to administration only, except where required by law enforcement agencies.





When a child’s actions are not conducive to a fruitful learning environment and are not Christ- honoring, a note will be sent home to the parent informing the parent of the behavior. Certain types of behavior may warrant discipline beyond verbal correction or sending a note to the parent.





A Student who does not hand in COMPLETED homework assignments will serve detention the same day for a minimum of 30 minutes, at which time the assignment will be completed. Disturbing the classroom setting may also warrant detention. Parents will be called and informed of the detention.





Students who fail to respond to “Notes Home” and detentions may be suspended. Ten infractions of dress code, ten tardies, or other actions may warrant suspension. Fighting, bullying, racial slurs, cheating, plagiarism, lying, stealing, cursing, defiance, AWOL, etc. are examples of infractions warranting suspension. Acts of Aggression and Sexual harassment may warrant suspension or expulsion.


Suspensions will be served at home, and high school students will return to school with a ten-page-per-day essay, including pertinent scriptures, and elementary students will return with a five-page-per-day essay, including pertinent scriptures.





On rare occasions a student’s actions may warrant expulsion. Drug possession, weapon possession, usage of items as a weapon, etc. are serious matters that will involve police and will warrant expulsion. A student who is suspended three times warrants expulsion. Due process will be given the situation and the Lord’s guidance will be sought through prayer in all such situations.


Also, if the general behavior and attitude of a student is determined to be detrimental to the educational process or to the spiritual interests of other students, that student may be expelled from the school.



Prescription Drugs


All prescription medications must be turned in at the office in the morning and must be accompanied by a doctor’s written prescription. All medications will be administered in the office. Any person who distributes prescription drugs to another student (for whom the medication is not prescribed) will be guilty of drug distribution.



Internet & Social Media


God desires that Christians be transformed into the image of His dear Son. Often Christianity is mocked because teens display images or text about alcohol use, drug use, violence, flash mob involvement, foul language, sexual insinuation, or character defamation and bullying on Facebook, etc. Alcohol use before the age of 21 is illegal, and drunkenness is illegal by God’s law at any age.


Misuse of the internet or other media will warrant disciplinary action, including possible suspension or expulsion.



Cell Phones


All cell phones must be turned in before the first class and retrieved at the end of the day. Cell phones are not permitted in class for many reasons, including cheating by texting others for answers. If a student has a cell phone during the school day (whether turned on or off), the phone will be held until the parent comes to meet with the principal. The second offense will warrant the phone being held for one week and a meeting with the principal to retrieve the phone. The third incident will warrant suspension and the holding of the phone for two weeks.


Following is a list of FIVE DUTIES that parents should consider seriously to increase their child’s learning capability and to assist the faculty.


1.  Make sure your child’s homework is completed before bedtime.

2.  Make sure your child goes to bed early so that he/she gets

     sufficient rest.

3.  Your child should have breakfast to stimulate the mind and body

     upon waking in the mornings. You must provide a lunch also, or

     money to purchase lunch at school.

4.  Make sure your child is on time.

5.  Ensure that your child is dressed properly, in accordance with the

     dress code found in Chapter 7.


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