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Absence from school interrupts student learning, smooth classroom flow, teacher lesson planning, and many other aspects of education; therefore, students should be at school every day that school is in session, if at all possible and feasible. School begins each day at 8:10 a.m. and ends at 3:30 p.m.


Students should not attend school when physically incapable, or when their condition will create disturbances to others. Parents should trust God for wisdom in deciding whether their child should attend, James 1:5. Also, parents should call the school before starting time and inform the administration that his/her child will be absent and why (otherwise, the absence might be considered unexcused).


The student must return to school after absence with an excuse note signed by the parent, (24 P.S. 13-1327 Compulsory Attendance and Truancy Elimination Plan) “All absences should be treated as unlawful until the school dis- trict receives a written excuse explaining the reason(s) for an absence. Parents/guardians and students should submit the written explanation within three calendar days of the absence and should be informed that if they fail to provide a written excuse within three days of the ab- sence, the absence would be permanently counted as unlawful.”


Make-up work is the responsibility of the student if in grades 7-12. The due date is equal to the number of days absent (i.e. if a student is absent one day, his/her work is due one day after returning to school. If the student is absent two days, the work is due two days after returning to school).


Excused absences include sickness, death in the immediate family, and possibly some other situations that will be determined upon their own merits by the school administration.


Unexcused absences: The administration may deem an absence to be unexcused. By law, the equivalent of three unexcused absences accumulated during the school year must be reported.


Vacation: A parent may remove a student for educational travel if a written request is submitted one month prior to the vacation. The student should return with a one-page written report concerning the educational value of the trip.


In any case, absences are accumulated throughout the year (excused and unexcused). (24 P.S. 13-1327 Compulsory Attendance and Truancy Elimination Plan) D. Cumulative Lawful Absences: A maximum of ten days of cumu- lative lawful absences verified by parental notification may be per- mitted during a school year. All absences beyond ten cumulative days should require an excuse from a physician. Students who exceed the 10 days will be retained in their grade level, unless the days in excess of the 10 allowed days are made up in the summer. (The cost of the summer days will be paid in advance by the parents. Also, the student must attend during the scheduled summer school days.)





Gospel of Grace Christian School considers the teaching of basic disciplines very important in the education of a child. Being punctual is one of these basic disciplines, which is a lifelong desirable attribute for a child to possess. Employers expect employees to be punctual and students should learn this from the first day of school.


Parents should set an example by making sure that their children arrive at school on time and by making sure they are able to leave school on time. If a child is going to be tardy, the parent should call the school. Students must be picked up by 3:45 p.m., even if one child is in detention. If a parent is not able to pick up children on time after school, he/she should inform the school administration. The child will go to aftercare at 3:45 p.m. and the parents will be billed $2.50 per hour for aftercare.


When a student is tardy, he/she will receive a “note home” that must be signed by the parent and returned to school the next day. The amount of time that a student is tardy must be made up in detention the day of the tardy. Minimum detention time is 30 minutes high school; 15 minutes elementary. Ten tardy notes will warrant suspension.


Students who arrive very late or leave early may be considered 1⁄2 day absent, according to the principal’s judgment. A student must have a written note from the parents/guardians in order to leave school early, except in the case of the onset of sickness during school, at which time the parent/ guardian will be called by the administration.




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