"and this not of yourselves,  but it is the gift of God." Ephesians 2:8


Serving preschool to 8th grade families in the greater Philadelphia area.






Gospel of Grace Christian School is operated under the auspices of Gospel of Grace Ministries. Enrollment is for children who, along with their parents, fully agree that the purpose, vision, and Statement of Faith contained in this handbook will be taught to students. Families who do not agree with Christian values and who do not want to be in this school should not be.


Parents of students enrolling at Gospel of Grace Christian School must submit an application for enrollment along with a $50 non-refundable application fee. The parents must sign the application, acknowledging their obligations and promising to support the staff. (Of course, grievances may be presented to the administration by parents, but after due process is given the matter and a decision is reached, the parents should back the decision).


After the application is submitted with fee and supporting documents (e.g. school records, recommendation letter, etc.), the student and his/her parent(s) (both parents where applicable) will be interviewed at the school. Depending upon the time of year, the student will normally attend for a short period of one to three days as a trial period. After prayerful consideration and review of school records from the previous school (if applicable) the administration will notify the parents of its decision. Each student who enrolls has a 90-day probation period.


Students who are already enrolled must register for the next school term by April 15th in order to reserve a spot before new applicants are considered for their particular grade.


Students must have all the items on the supply list and all books before starting school. A letter from your pastor, or youth pastor, is required one time each marking period; otherwise, the report card will not be issued to the parents. Possible further action will be taken if the letter is not received within 15 days of the marking period’s end.



Tuition & Fees


The cost to educate one student for one school term at Gospel of Grace Christian School is considerable. Those who wish to enroll their child in Gospel of Grace Christian School must assume responsibility for their child’s education. Tuition is paid August 1st through June 1st . The following terms have been outlined for payment:

        Grade(s)                    Tuition                    Monthly Payment

        Preschool (3 yr)         $4,125                    $375  x11

        Pre-K (4 yr)                $4,125                    $375 x11

        Kindergarten             $3,960                    $360 x11


        Grade 1-6                  $3,685                    $335 x11

        Grade 7-12                $3,960                    $360 x11


Family discounts apply as follows: If you have two children enrolled, you may deduct $880 off the annual combined tuition (i.e. $80 per month). If you have three children enrolled, you may deduct $1,870 off the annual combined tuition (i.e. $170 per month). The fourth child is free in the same immediate family (not cousins, etc.).


Parents must purchase their children’s books each year. The school will order the books at the school’s discounted prices and then charge the parents via Smart Tuition.


Certain other fees apply as follows, depending upon grade level and classes elected:


        Grade/Class                    Subject                            Amount

        Elementary                       Art                                    $20

        Elementary                       Technology                      $20



        Elementary                       Music                               $10 weekly

        Elementary                       Dance                              $10 weekly


        Grades 7-8                       Science Lab                    $25

        Grade 9                            Phys. Sci. Lab                 $35

        Grade 10                          Chemistry Lab                 $45

        Grade 11                          Biology Lab                     $45

        Grade 7-12                       Technology                     $50



        Grades 7-12                      Music                              $10-20 weekly

        Grades 7-12                      Dance                             $10 weekly

        Grades 9-12                      Basketball                       $225



        Grades 7-12                      Locker Deposit                $20


        All Grades                         School Trips                     paid per trip

        All Grades                         Supply List                       varies

        K-11                                  Standardized Tests            $45


        Grads (Grade 12)             Cap, Gown, Diploma              $30

        Grads (Kindergarten)       Cap, Gown, Diploma              $25


No student will be allowed to attend school unless fees are paid, tuition is paid, and books and supplies are in the possession of the student.


All tuition payments and fees (except for application fees) are paid to Smart Tuition. Payments may be made 24 hours per day, 7 days per week using various payment methods online or by telephone. All invoices must be paid by the 10th day of each month to avoid late fees. Balances not paid by the 20th of the month will warrant further action, including suspension until payment.


The State of Pennsylvania has allowed a program called the EITC so that students may have school choice. EITC stands for Educational Improvement Tax Credit, and it is through this program that scholarship foundations exist, so that you may receive financial assistance in paying tuition. Following is a list of foundations with their contact information. Please take advantage:


            ACSI Children’s Tuition Fund of PA

            845 Silver Spring Plaza, Suite B Lancaster, PA 17601


            Futuro Scholarship Organization

            (215) 561-1655


            Black Alliance for Educational Options (BAEO)

            1207 Chestnut St (2nd Floor) Philadelphia, PA 19107


            Bravo Foundation

            20 N. 2nd Street
            Harrisburg, PA 17101
            (717) 214-2200



            Bridge Foundation, Inc.

            PO Box 222
            Harrisburg, PA 17108-0222

            (717) 214-6792



            Children’s Scholarship Fund of Philadelphia

            PO Box 22463
            Philadelphia, PA 19110
            (215) 670-8411



            Faith First Educational Assistance Corp.

            Dr. Alberta Wilson
            (215) 870-9454


            Family Choice Scholarship Program

            23 North Front Street
            Harrisburg, PA 17101

            (800) family1


      315 Central Ave. Cheltenham, PA 19012

     OFFICE: (215) 663-1601

     FAX: (215) 663-1602